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How many travelers on a tour?

We have found that the ideal group size is between 10 and 12 people. This group size promotes bonding and friendship and makes the trip more memorable. It also allows us to move quickly and experience sites and events that would not be a available to a larger group.

Am I just going to drink beer the whole time?

The places we visit have amazing museums, churches and other places of interest.  We always carve time out of our schedule these monumental sites as well as free time to explore the fascinating cities we visit. While our days are reserved for visiting breweries and the occasional museum, evenings are for exploring local bars and nightlife.

If two of us are traveling together, can we share a room?

Absolutely! Just send us a note and we will be happy to assign you as roommates.

Can I bring beer back?

Definitely. You are allowed to bring back about a case of beer for personal consumption. But it's not cheap to ship. Most bottle shops will charge between $150-$200 to package and ship your beer. As an alternative, many travelers will purchase a wine shipper and check it as luggage. These usually run $80-$100 for a reusable luggage type carrier. Many airlines will allow you one checked bag for free so if you can manage to take your clothing as carry-on, your beer will fly for free. Plus if you fly over with the box, you can bring beer from the U.S. for sharing, trading, etc.

Will my cell phone work during the tour?

It should but it is best to check with your carrier as phone calls can be expensive. We provide each traveler a smart phone to use while they are on the tour. We do not charge for this service but we ask that you use it in moderation.

Are laundry services available?

Yes, the hotels anticipate that this service might be required. There is usually a nominal charge for laundry service and often it is available same day.

Is there a lot of walking during the tour?

Yes. While some of the transportation will take us close to the activity, most of the time we will be doing a fair amount of walking. We also use public transportation which involves climbing stairs and boarding trains/trams.

What if I don't care to participate in an event (brewery visit, museum, dinner, etc.) during the tour?

You are not required to participate in any event. Our activities are well planned and chosen for their uniqueness and flow during the tour but you are welcome to take an afternoon/day off and do something on your own.

Can I arrive early or stay longer?

Yes, and it's encouraged. It's easy to add a day or two to the start or end of the tour. We can help if you need assistance in arranging this.

Room Arrangements

Unless you specifically request a single occupancy room or prearrange to room with someone, you will be paired with a same-sex roommate. Our days are generally packed with activities so you will really only be spending time in the room at night. This being said, please be mindful of personal space, noise (TV at night), etc.

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