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I’m David Burstein, founder and President of European Beer Tours.  Like you, I share a passion for good beer, delicious food and adventurous travel. 


I've always enjoyed discovering new beers and meeting the people who brew them. But our trips are about more than just good beer. When you travel with us, you’ll experience real local flavor. From the quaint neighborhood hotels where we stay, to the charming, local restaurants where we dine, we design all of our trips with immersive travel in mind.

David Burstein, founder of European Beer Tours, is packed for another Euro-trip!
David Burstein, founder of Eurpean Beer Tours, enjoys a beer with friends

Why European Beer Tours?

First and foremost, our staff is passionate about beer.  Most have worked in the beer industry either in breweries or as beer servers/guides.  All tour guides are certified by the beer Cicerone Certification Program and many serve as beer judges in BJCP certified competitions.


Whether drinking Kolch in Cologne, Gueuze in Brussels, Helles in Munich or Sahti in Finland all of our trips explore the beer which is indigenous to the specific region or city.  Our trips include numerous brewery tours, many of which are given by the actual brewer. We also like to include one or two special events on each tour like a local beer festival. This allows our guests to sample beers from a vast array of breweries from many of the small, startup breweries and further promotes camaraderie within the group and the immersive philosophy.

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